Amerigun™ Jezebel


2015 Jeep Cherokee KL Trailhawk "Jezebel" @amerigunjezebel

2015 Jeep Cherokee KL Trailhawk


My Grandfather owned a 1940 Jeep Willies truck that he had named Jezebel. I have fond memories of riding around the hills of Elsie, Oregon and cutting firewood with the family. Jezebel’s floors were rusted through in some spots but she was a real workhorse around the property for as long as I can remember. Before he past away, Grandpa sold Jezebel. I have no way of knowing where she went but I keep her and my Grandfather’s memories alive by passing the name on to my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.

I have a history of doing dumb shit with my vehicles. Thinking back, I can’t recall a single one that I haven’t managed to dent the gas tank of by taking it off-road. This is the exact reason I chose a Trailhawk as it comes equipped with a 1″ factory lift and skid-plates that cover the majority of the sensitive parts underneath. I never had any intentions modifying her beyond the custom wheels. Then, a chance connection with a rock took out a chunk of the front bumper which sent me to Google where I discovered a group buy option for the Expedition One bumper and things changed…

The bumper added so much potential but I knew nothing about winches, lighting, lift kits etc.  What I did know is that my Wife wouldn’t allow me to drop a couple grand on a winch I’d likely never use, just because “it looks cool.” A friend reminded me that our Oregunian® brand has a decent following and he encouraged me to reach out to Warn Industries so see about some sort of sponsorship…So I did… To my joy, Warn stepped up to the plate in a very generous way. And that’s how this adventure began.

Then came the learning. While there’s not a ton of options out the for the Jeep Cherokee Kl platform, when you know nothing about modifying an off-road vehicle, there’s still a lot to learn. It was also difficult to find a local shop to help with the installs. Most places had negative opinions on anything that wasn’t a Toyota or Jeep Wrangler. The arrogance of some of these shops was amazing. It took me awhile to find Pacific Upfitters, in Troutdale, OR but they are now my “go to” shop. They, and many of the companies listed below, have been extremely helpful with mods, troubleshooting and generally educating me about what I’ve gotten myself into.

Over time, my confidence in Jezebel and my own driving ability has strengthened. These days, I jump at the chance to take her off-road. In fact, I feel most at peace when I’m crawling my way down a trail miles away from civilization. She’s definitely not a pavement princess.

The following is a list of Jezebel’s current modifications. More to come…

  • Warn Zeon 10-s Platinum Winch
  • Warn Epic Hawse Fairlead
  • Warn Medium-Duty Epic Recovery Kit (shackles Cerakoted Stoplight Red)
  • Warn 100′ 3/8″ Spydura Nightline Synthetic Rope
  • Factor 55 Ultrahook
  • Factor 55 Rope Guard (Cerakoted Stoplight Red)
  • Les Schwab P265/65/17 Open Range tires
  • MFC Offroad 42” Hybrid Dual Beam LED Light Bar
  • MFC Offroad Utili-Rail
  • MFC Offroad 6 Switch Power Distribution Center
  • MFC Offroad OEM+ LED Reverse Lights (need to install)
  • MFC Offroad OEM+ Interior LED Kit (need to install)
  • MFC Offroad High Performance Strut Clamps
  • HyperHero 2″ Front Lift
  • HyperHero Cherokee Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Arms
  • HyperHero Tuned Fox 2.0 Reservoir Rear Shocks
  • Gleaming Alloy 2″ Stiletto Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Gleaming Alloy Rear Sub-Frame Skid Plate (need to install)
  • Dobinson’s  +1″ HD Springs
  • Power Stop PWR-KC6540-36 Front Brake Kit
  • Power Stop PWR-KC6543-36 Rear Brake Kit
  • Expedition One KL Bumper
  • Optima Red Top 35 Battery
  • Rocky Road Outfitters Super Sliders with kick outs
  • RIGd Ultraswing
  • RIGd UltraTable
  • RIGd WobNot
  • RIGd SideHack
  • K&N 77-1569KS Performance Air Intake System (CIA)
  • Brandmotion FVMR-1100 Dual Camera FullVUE® replacement mirror w/  DVR
  • Rotopax Fuel Can
  • Baja Designs S2 Pro Wide Cornering Foglights
  • XD811 Rockstar II wheels (one of a kind custom cut. Cerakote Stoplight Red highlights)
  • Midland MXT575 50w GMRS Radio (need to install)
  • Midland MXAT05VP 3dB Gain Highland™ Heavy-Duty Bullbar Antenna (need to install)
  • FanPole (hitch mountable flag pole)