Backwoods Veterans

Backwoods VeteransBackwoods Veterans Media Entertainment, LLC is a Veteran owned/operated organization started by US Army Veteran, Justin Keeney. We’re dedicated to bringing the best in media entertainment to our American Veterans, their friends and family, and the community that surrounds them, while embracing our outdoor lifestyle and heritage. 

Our Mission is to give Veterans, and those who are impacted by their lives, quality entertainment, and to bridge the gap of understanding of the humor and lifestyles between our American Veterans and every day American Citizens.

Backwoods Veterans provides a variety of live broadcast shows on our network, hosted by a variety of service members from multiple branches of service, as well as Patriots and Veteran supporters. From Rock and Country music to talk shows about today’s issues, there’s something on the network to entertain just about everyone. Our goal is to entertain and provide a healthy medium for American Veterans to relax, enjoy a laugh or two, and even join into the shows via our live messaging available on our network.

Backwoods Veterans is supported by the owners out of pocket, advertising revenue, and event or fundraising efforts. Any money received by Backwoods Veterans goes directly back into the network to keep the shows going. Check us out at, and click the links to our shows. You may listen to replays of broadcast shows, or join in live when a show starts!