Brand Ambassadors

Like our swag and want to get paid to sell it? No problem!

Our affiliate program allows you to link to any page on our site and get paid a 20% commission for any products purchased through your link.  You can link to the home page or directly to specific products if you want. While you could just make a single post, experienced affiliates understand the importance of posting their links often. Some ideas for this would be linking to our “Oregun Hunter” decal in various Oregon based Facebook hunting groups or from your own website, blog, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc….

We also have the ability to take things a step further for affiliates who actively send sales by creating a “Brand Ambassador” landing page specifically for you. With this option, you can send people directly to a page that features information about you or your organization. We can customize this page pretty much any way you like including photos and links back to your own websites or social network pages.

The system goes the extra mile allowing affiliates to be given credit for referrals they make offline as well. We do this during checkout by asking the customer for the Name or ID Number of the person who referred them. This is very specific though so any typos, spaces or other incorrect info results in no affiliate being assigned to the sale. To avoid confusion, we suggest a basic business card with your Affiliate ID or sending them directly to your own “Brand Ambassador” page as previously mentioned.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to Contact Us for answers. You can apply to be an Affiliate/Ambassador login to your account to access the affiliate area below.

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