MFC Offroad – A Free Excuse with Every Order

MFC Offroad – A Free Excuse with Every Order

MFC Offroad - Poor Customer ServiceThere aren’t a lot of companies that develop aftermarket parts or modifications for the newer Jeep Cherokee KL’s. The few that do are fairly well embraced by the Cherokee community. One of the companies that truly stands out is MFC Offroad. MFC was among the first to market with various upgrades to the KL platform and I’ve added a number of them to Amerigun™ Jezebel. With the exception of their OEM+ HID Headlight Upgrade, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with MFC Offroad products.

FULL TRANSPARENCY: MFC Offroad has provided me with a discount code in support of 2A companies. Of the 6 orders I’ve placed, that discount code has been used once.  Because of their support and knowledge over the last 3 years, I’ve avoided participating in the drama MFC Offroad has experienced, particularly on Facebook. That’s not to say I haven’t had concerns as well but until now, I’ve given the company the benefit of the doubt and turned a blind eye to the ridiculous delays and excuses. I’ve watched as numerous customers have posted complaints only to have the company find a way to have those complaints removed from Social Media. Because of that, I’m posting this on my own server to ensure my complaint isn’t swept under the carpet like so many others.

If you believe everything the owner says, MFC Offroad has the worst luck in the history of bad luck. There are non-stop excuses offered regularly to justify ongoing delays & missing packages. Even their website has a disclaimer about the shipping times. (another reason I’ve cut them so much slack) As a small business, we experience similar issues from time to time. While no company is perfect, what matters is how you communicate with your customers and reasonably fix any problems that arise. In the case of MFC Offroad, those communications are always reactive rather than proactive. It’s just poor customer service when you know there’s a problem but you don’t follow up and instead make your customers chase you for answers. What really chaps my ass though is being lied to…

Suspension lift rear spring failure. Notice how much it squats in the back compared to the front.
Suspension lift rear spring failure. Notice how much it squats in the back compared to the front.

In October of 2023, I completely rebuilt the lift and suspension on Amerigun™ Jezebel.  The Dobinsons HD Springs portion of this new suspension was purchased from MFC Offroad. In March of 2023, it was discovered the springs had failed. In doing so, they put the entire weight of the vehicle on the brand new Fox 2.0 Reservoir Shocks which in turn, caused the shocks to fail as well. When I reached out to the company who provided the Fox Shocks (HyperHero OffRoad), they immediately offered to either repair or replace them, Once inspected, the shocks were deemed unsafe so they were completely replaced. When I contacted MFC Offroad about the springs, things turned a different direction.

The joke of a sticker MFC Offroad said is required for a warranty claim.

The first, and only, question asked was “Are the stickers still on the springs.” The stickers in question are made of paper. Whether they were removed at time of install or wore off afterwards is inconsequential as per MFC Offroad: “Dobinsons WILL NOT WARRANTY THE SPRINGS without the stickers.” Hmmm…  OK. So then I asked if they had another set I could purchase.  I was told yes, but there’d be a delay (imagine that) because MFC was in the process of a move at the time. Did MFC follow up with me? Nope. I had to call them and guess what?  Although they said they had the springs, they “couldn’t find the Dobinsons pallet” due to their recent move. When I asked if they could have the springs drop shipped from Dobinsons, I was told that would take months. Meanwhile, my Jeep was out of service.

At this point, I reached back out to HyperHero OffRoad to see if they could assist. Check this out… While they didn’t have the springs in stock, they allowed me to order and had them drop shipped direct from Dobinsons just as I had requested from MFC Offroad. I had a live FedEx tracking number within 36 hours and my replacement springs arrived shortly thereafter.

This experience got me thinking more about the integrity, or lack thereof, of MFC Offroad. I found myself wondering if they had been honest with me about the Dobinsons warranty, so I reached out…

Dobinsons Spring comparion.
New Dobinsons HD Spring on the left, failed one on the right.

Dobinsons gave a somewhat reasonable explanation but also explained there is another way they can confirm the defective products are actually theirs. They asked me to supply caliper measurements of the coils along with a few photos showing the compression. Dobinsons quickly agreed to a replacement, under warranty, and offered to send a credit to HyperHero OffRoad since they are who the replacement springs were purchased from. This is where things really got complicated. There’s no reason I should have to inconvenience HyperHero OffRoad to process any sort of a credit when MFC Offroad is the company who should have taken care of this from the beginning. I asked Dobinsons if they could credit MFC Offroad instead. After some discussion within the company, they agreed.

Now lets talk about greed. Keep in mind the replacement springs shouldn’t have cost me a dime. If MFC Offroad had processed this warranty request, this entire situation would have been seamless and pain-free for all parties involved. Alas, I went out of pocket an additional $323.06 including shipping.  Incidentally, when HyperHero OffRoad replaced the Fox Shocks, they did so with ZERO shipping or any other expense, to me. What I was expecting, from MFC Offroad, was a zero cost fix for me (maybe shipping?) but what I received was a credit for $245.oo leaving me short $78.06 but giving MFC Offroad that as retail profit.  Who double dips on a warranty replacement so they can make additional profit?  Then, to add insult to injury, makes additional retail profit off the products ordered with the partial credit? A dishonorable company, that’s who.

For the record, the owner of MFC Offroad has made it very clear that he wishes for me to not post this. He’s blown up my FB Messenger and tried to call a couple of times offering more “explanations” and even asked how he could “make me happy” specifically to avoid this post.  I haven’t even gotten into the questionable shipping practices that pushed this situation to where it is now. I will say that when I mentioned my intent of “doing what I want”, the excuses stopped and my “out of stock” parts that were “lost in the mail”, managed to make it into an overnight shipment that arrived the following business day.

MFC Offroad has a strong following, including “Ambassadors”, who love to jump into any negative publicity.  They use their group influence to stifle anybody who speaks out about the company. Without a doubt, some of these fanboys will try to discredit this post as well as me personally. Rumor has it that MFC Offroad has “bribed” people to keep quiet. In fact, one person from a Jeep Facebook group suggested MFC would “try to buy your silence” when I made a post of my intent to publish this.  If you care to review the conversation between MFC Offroad and myself, it appears to me he hinted at that multiple times.

Will I buy from MFC Offroad again? Maybe, unless they refuse to sell to me after this. 🙂  As I said, the MFC Offroad products I’ve tried are decent, for the most part. I’m just tired of the company abusing their customers, getting away with it and negatively impacting the KL community as a whole. Buyer beware.