Oregon’s Constitution – Article 1 Section 27

Oregon’s Constitution – Article 1 Section 27

Oregun™ License Plate FrameOregon’s Constitution has been under attack for years but until a recent decision by a Harney County, Oregon Judge, very few Oregonians were aware the State’s Constitution provides additional protection above the well know Second Amendment. That decision has gained National attention and brought additional awareness to Article 1 Section 27.

Gun Owner’s of America, along with two Oregon resident’s, filed a lawsuit based on ONE27‘s specific language. While other Federal cases are facing a tougher legal battle, this case is what is currently keeping Oregon’s blatantly unconstitutional Measure 114 from going into law since being “passed” last November. No matter the final outcome, THANK YOU to GOA and those involved in ALL aspects of 2A legal battles currently being fought Nationwide.

“The people shall have the right to bear arms for the defence [sic] of themselves, and the State, but the Military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil power[.]”

One of the very first designs that started our 2A swag journey back in 2014 included a reference to ONE27 in our rendition of the Oregon State Seal. Nearly every Oregon based design we’ve done since has it as well. We often intentionally work it into a tattoo, distressed area etc. as a way to spark conversation and introduce people to what ONE27 is and how it effects them in Oregon. This detail goes overlooked by most but for those who do catch it and ask what it means, we’re always more than happy to explain. 🙂

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Oregun™ I WILL NOT COMPLY StickerWe’ve always struggled with fitting the full text of ONE27 into a design that we felt people would connect with. Last year, we added it to our Oregunian® I WILL NOT COMPLY design which prompted many more questions. In our minds though, had the potential to deliver a confusing message.  What exactly is it I’m not complying with? The law printed on the shirt or the tyrannical “laws” against it?

After nearly a decade of hinting at ONE27, we think it’s time to step up and release a bolder, more historical and educational design. Some may find a bit of humor in the modern day element as well. 😉

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