Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Oregunian® Edition Has Dropped!

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Oregunian® Edition Has Dropped!

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Oregunian® Edition Has Dropped!
This journey began with me approaching liquor store after liquor store asking if they would be willing to help me explore the possibility of our own Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Pick. Not a single one was open to the discussion. In fact, some store owners we flat out rude, ensuring that I take all future business elsewhere. What should have been a simple act of finding a polite store owner to have a friendly discussion with proved to be much more difficult than I had anticipated.

Between State laws, “rules”, “regulations” and other unforeseeable complications, it’s been an interesting challenge to make this happen. But as the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

After literally years of being turned down by other stores, Oak Grove Liquor in Milwaukie, OR was kind enough to reach out to the local distributor and ask if this could be done. The distributor rep said yes and the wheels were finally in motion! The rep said we’d be offered samples within 4-8 weeks. 8 weeks later, crickets…

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Oregunian® Edition Has Dropped!I have no idea what happened at this point but the project stalled out for about a year and I’d all but given up hope. Then, out of the blue, I got a call to meet a couple “JD reps” who had samples for me to pick our barrel from. During that meeting, one of the reps apologized for “the confusion last year” and although I’m unclear what that confusion was, I was thrilled it had been resolved. I was assured all was well and the rest of the process would be smooth sailing. I was asked to send the Oregunian® artwork to the distributor rep for hang tag production and given another 6-8 week estimate for the barrel to arrive.

When the shipment arrived, the barrel pick and hang tags were labeled as “Oak Grove Liquor” instead of featuring our Oregunian® logo. When I reached out to the distributor rep I’d sent the artwork to, I was informed he was no longer employed there. Whatever path he had through this process was lost and Oak Grove Liquor was left holding 252 bottles I had told them our customer base would want IF it was an Oregunian® selection. At this point, Brown Forman (the company that owns Jack Daniel’s), stepped in to assist. Between the local Brown Forman reps and the Jack Daniel’s Barrel Program Manager, they came through and delivered replacement Oregunian® hang tags!

But wait…there’s one small detail left…

The Oregon Liquor & Canabis Commission has informed us that Oregon liquor stores are unable to place our private label hang tags, provided by Jack Daniel’s, on the bottles previous to sale. We are giving the hang tags, and a free Oregunian® decal, to everybody who purchases a bottle of our Jack Daniel’s Oregunian® Single Barrel Selection from Oak Grove Liquor. These should be given to you after purchase. If not, all you have to do is remind the cashier and they will hook you up! This LIMITED EDITION bottling includes only 252 bottles so grab yours today!

Oak Grove Liquor is located at:
16560 SE McLoughlin Blvd
Portland, OR 97267

(no holds, no shipping and no phone calls please)